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Founded in 2003 as Mirror Landscapes, our focus was primarily lawn maintenance and small landscaping projects.  Over the years our company grew both in size and capabilities.  Our services expanded to include commercial maintenance and large landscaping projects, both residential and commercial. 

We are proud of our growth, but possibly even more so of our longevity.  In an age of "one and done's" for lawn mowing companies, we have purposefully focused on developing our company as a business and not just a one or two man show providing a handful of services.  We look forward to our 20 year anniversary of operating as a solid, professional company that provides a focused array of services to our clients year after year.

In 2021, we continued our evolvement and made some significant updates in our company.  This included the rebranding of our logo and a name change to Edgewood Landscapes. 

In 2022, we added pool installation and hot tub sales to our list of services.  By bringing pools and hot tubs into our line we added one of the biggest areas of any outdoor living space and allows us to keep our client's experience consistent.

At the end of 2022 we continued to expand.  After much consideration we made the decision to merge with MDS Construction to continue to streamline the outdoor living construction process.  MDS brings years of experience and craftsmanship in general carpentry and construction management.  By merging with MDS we now have a team available to provide home remodeling, additions or new construction.  We again updated our logo and name to Edgewood Outdoors to fully embrace the experience we are striving to create for every client.

Creating an Experience.  At the end of the day every company creates an experience with their customers, either good or bad.  Check out Our Vision page to learn more about the experience we hope to create with you.

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