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Every landscape project should begin with a design.  It can be as simple as a conversation and as detailed as 3D with scaled blueprints.  The point is to carefully consider what you want to gain from your investment, both in the present and the possibilities that could be available in the future.  Our design services typically incorporate a combination of the design options we talk about below.  Read up!


Landscape design has come a long way from the days of hand drafting and blueprints.  While those options serve their purpose and offer a sense of sophistication and charm, 3D and virtual walk-throughs of your project are vital if you want to get an accurate idea of what your project will look like.  

It's the "try before you buy" concept.  This becomes increasingly more important as the size of your project grows.  With the program we use we also have the ability to supply comprehensive, detailed measurements, product quantities, and an infinite number of perspectives.

Oh, and you get the cost of the design refunded if you have us install your project.

Fassler 2.jpg
Gullett Patio layout.jpg


The "bird's eye" view or layout as we like to call it, is where we start for designing new projects.  This is an important step towards the process of a 3D design.  It allows us to communicate back and forth with our clients on broad, general ideas or concepts. 

Once we have a layout developed with you, then we can transition to a 3D with minimal changes that would drastically affect the placement of different features. 


Photo design is best suited for smaller projects that don't require different perspective angles or incorporate different landscaping features such as firepits, seat walls, or multi-level patios.  Typically we use this design tool for projects like you see in this picture.  Foundation plantings, sidewalks or driveways.  They are a great tool to provide a quick before and after visuals.

Huffstutler front 3.jpg


Blueprints still serve their purpose in the commercial world, but is becoming less of a demand for residential projects.

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