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Did you know that hot tubs are designed to provide hydrotherapy?  The jetted massage can help dilate blood vessels to help reduce or prevent headaches and loosen sore, tight muscles.  The National Sleep Foundation also states that "soaking in a hot tub before going to bed can ease the transition into a deeper sleep".


Hot Tub Line

Rippling Water Hot Tubs are made right here in the Midwest since 1966.  They have the perfect balance of high-end quality at mid-level pricing.  Notice we did not say economical or cheap. Like everything else if you are looking for a cheap or economical hot tub, the "big box stores" (including the online ones), are where you need to shop. We partner with companies that will provide the service and support we need so we can keep you in your hot tub and not on hold with customer service.



SeriesDream Collection

Seating: 7-8 person

Jets: 72

Size:  92" x 92" x 40"

Power: 240V (requires 50 amp circuit)

*Tax, delivery & installation not included


  • 72 stainless jets

  • Jetted tactile foot massage center dome

  • Soft pillows

  • Sunset Lighting package

  • Adjustable cascading waterfall

  • Ozone

  • Indestructible Dura-Bond shell

  • Weather Guard maintenance free weather guard cabinet

  • Dual adjustable collar jets

  • Automatic filtration cycle

  • Cover

  • Energy Saver system

  • Upgrades: WIFI, cover lifter

Yukon Shell.png

Get Started!

We are always excited to work on amazing projects with you.  If you are ready to get moving on your hot tub let's get started today!

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