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Installation: Projects


Landscaping is far more than dropping a few plants in the ground or building a paver patio.  It is incorporating outdoor living into your property.  Simply put, this means extending your home and livable/usable space outside. 

The value this brings to your home and the benefits you can enjoy are tremendous.  Materials, options and features have come so far from even just a decade ago.  We can now help create what feels like a complete addition to your home with a smooth transition from inside to outside keeping your unique style.

Outdoor living can be very simple or very elaborate depending on the size of the addition to your home you would like to make.  Typically it includes:

- Multi-level patios and pool deck

- Outdoor kitchen/bar areas

- Fire features

- Water features

- Vertical features such as seat walls and retaining walls

- Structures such as pergolas or gazebos

- Outdoor lighting and outdoor sound systems

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to what can be imagined, designed and created.  We have the experience to handle massive residential projects with some of the most unique feautures.

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