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Our Vision

Every company creates an experience with each client they serve, whether intentionally or unintentionally.  We are very aware of this and choose to be intentional in shaping your experience with us.  We believe this happens from the moment you contact us about a quote to long after we complete your project.

Sounds good...but how do we do this?  


This needs to happen frequently, efficiently and professionally.  We want our clients to know the who, what, when, where and why about, well, everything.  Who they are hiring, who will show up on their property, what is being done, when the work is happening and when it is not, when we will be there, where to get information about their project, why things happen a certain way, and so on.  


Not everyone wants to spend time learning about landscaping or lawn care; there is a reason they hire professionals.  But most people want to make sure they are making a good investment with their money.  The best way to accomplish that is through information.  This should be more than just information about the products we use or best practices for landscaping; you can search the internet and find a lot of good information that way. In addition to this info, we also provide insight into how and why things are done.  Think of it like a "behind the scenes" of a movie.  


Everyone has a different idea of professionalism; our definition of that is in a very specific way we act and look.  Our appearance is important to us.  You will never find us in cut-offs and shorts.  In fact, we even ditched the traditional T-shirts with our logo on the back.  Our employees wear gray pants and polo shirts- even on the jobsite.  Our trucks match and are clearly and cleanly logoed. We don't smoke, swear or play loud music on the job.  Our employees are trained to be respectful and helpful.  This may not matter to some, but it matters to us.  

For us, communication, education and professionalism are intertwined; each one should enhance the next to Create an Experience that defines who we are and who we will be in the future.

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